February 28, 2021

The union of the LGTBI collective is "imperative" not to go back

The Secretary of State for Equality, Soledad Murillo, on Thursday urged the LGTBI collective to the maximum union, to avoid "minifundios de poder" at a time "in which agreements must be generated" so as not to back down in rights.

"Now the union is imperative so that we can not go back (…) We are not in a position to create smallholdings of power, it is an enormous cost for the LGTBI movement," Murillo said at the inauguration of the event "Looks with pride: Encuentro international on LGTBI equality ".

The Secretary of State has asked that the LGTBI collective and also feminism – that have passed "by very similar stages of intolerance" – tend bridges "from their own struggle", respecting that each one has their own agendas.

"I am worried that now we are not in a situation of maximum union between us (…) Now we are in a moment where we necessarily have to leave our own smallholding and generate agreements of agreement among all of us regardless of our way of thinking, not we can afford that cost, "he added.

Murillo has demanded that this union be translated in that "no one can talk about therapies -about sexual orientation- without being condemned to the maximum social reproach".

"The rights are inalienable and inalienable," he stressed, to vindicate the struggle that LGTBI people maintained during the Franco regime and post-Francoism, with special recognition for the Begoña Passage.

"The Begoña Passage was our Stonewalll", "men and women who fought to make a living," jail, beatings, dignity, highlighted the Secretary of State, who has stressed the "urgent" need to vindicate and give visibility to the referents of the LGTBI collective.

"It is a past that enables us to vindicate the future and to be intransigent: we do not have to ask for favors, we are citizens of the first", he added.

Finally, Murillo has assured that "there is no greater personal revolution than to break the genders".

"Every time we become transgressors and transgressors we are giving a revolutionary message and it is 'I am not satisfied, I do not adapt if I betray myself and respect is for me a nonnegotiable movement.' In no case am I going to renounce my citizenship: my citizenship is to live as I want, "he concluded.

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