Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The unexpected union between Lola Flores and Sandra Sabatés

La inesperada unión entre Lola Flores y Sandra Sabatés

The story of Lola Flores and its lost slope is a legend of Spain. Everyone, at some time or another, they have heard someone's voice that time in which La Faraona stopped a performance to find that accessory recently lost. And today, this week, Sandra Sabatés, the co-representative of
The intermediate,
He has followed the steps of the singer. Let's go to the beginning.

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It was the year 1977 when Lola Flores went to
Tonight ... party,
program presented by José María Íñigo on Televisión Española that It was held in the mythical Florida Park -actual Florida Retreat- She traveled there to delight everyone with her art. And that did, initially. The singer took the stage to move as only she knew, feeling the music in each beat, until a movement played a trick on her.

"The earring, Íñigo, I do not want to lose it, please"

"Sorry but I have fallen an earring in gold," said La Faraona cutting the performance, looking at the ground trying to recover and at the expense of an audience that threw flowers. "Well, you you are going to give it back to me because my job cost me ", she insisted, sending a message to Íñigo and the audience that from their homes were also following the moment.

"Thank you very much with all my heart but the earring, Íñigo, I do not want to lose it, please", Reiterated Lola Flores just before returning to her performance while the musicians did not stop playing. Undoubtedly a historical moment of television in Spain that this week, by coincidence of fate, has happened again.

The protagonist on this occasion was Sandra Sabatés, the co-presenter of The intermediate. The LaSexta program celebrated its 2,000 programs this Thursday with a party / program at Florida Retiro, the same place where the incident of the earring happened decades ago. Who would have thought that he would also lose a part of his clothing?

In particular Sabatés lost the shoe, which did not want to go on stage with her. It happened in a casual, unexpected way. This was moving to the stage when climbing the stairs a shoe became independent. The co-presenter went out of the way picking it up and continuing with the direct one, but leaving as anecdote this Cinderella moment that coincidentally unites her figure with that of La Faraona.

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