The unexpected joke of David Cantero to Isabel Jiménez in 'Informativos Telecinco': "I want to go home"

David Cantero and Isabel Jiménez.

David Cantero and Isabel Jiménez.

There are presenters who are very natural on television and dare to make funny comments live, even on a current affairs program. It was precisely what happened in the last installment of 'News telecinco', in which Isabel jimenez could not help but dismiss the program with a smile at the unexpected joke of David Cantero.

After promoting Euro 2021 that the communication group will broadcast this month, the journalist asked her partner a question: "We have the song of the Eurocup", detailed on the subject in which the voices of Lara Álvarez, Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel, advanced exclusively at YOTELE. "What do you want?", he launched without waiting for the driver's response.

Cantero wanted to answer with total spontaneity: "What do I want?" "Go home now, it's Friday," He responded causing the laugh of his partner and a smile in the spectators of the chain. The moment was picked up by many Twitter users who claimed to feel like the presenter. Even the official Telecinco account wanted to share this different farewell in its evening news.


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