The unexpected defender of Rocío Carrasco who turns her case around

The unexpected defender of Rocío Carrasco who turns her case around

Every time there is less to know the content of the second part of the documentary of the life of Rocio Carrasco, In the name of Rocio, in which the daughter of the singer Rocío Jurado will tell what she has never revealed about her maternal family.

Before the new delivery sees the light, Carrasco has had to face countless comments and news that do not correspond to the reality that the new star of Telecinco tells.

To avoid getting into controversy, the mother of Rocío Flores He has preferred to remain silent until his version is heard in the new installment that is about to be broadcast on the main chain of Mediaset Spain.

However, in the middle of the media maelstrom, there have been a person who has made incendiary statements who have turned around the case of Rocío Carrasco.

A testimony that gives total veracity to the story told by Carrasco and that leaves her ex-husband in a very bad place, Anthony David Flores.

The unexpected person who has become Rocío Carrasco's new ally is, neither more nor less, that his uncle Anthony.

"I believe Rocío"

Antonio, Rocío's new support, gave an interview to the television channel juancavlog in which he did not hesitate to comment on a case that he knows very closely: He is next to his niece.

"I have known Rocío Carrasco since she was born. It's a shame what was happening with Antonio David. Rocio is not like thattheir children have been taken away in a bad way, and I hope that all this will be fixed over time, "said the uncle of the daughter of 'the oldest'.

"Rociíto loves his children very much and has shown it" assured the uncle of the mother of Rocío Flores while launching a very hard ordago against the former civil guard.

"He is to blame for everything. Rociíto had bad luck with him, but I believe Rocío Carrasco and I defend her to the death", settled sharply.

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