Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The unemployment rate of the OECD falls in February to 5.2%

The unemployment rate of the OECD falls in February to 5.2%

The highest unemployment rates among members of the club in developed countries corresponded to Greece, with 18% in December, and Spain, with 13.9%, while the lowest were observed in the Czech Republic, with a 1, 9%, and Japan, with 2.3%.

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The OECD male unemployment fell one tenth in the second month of the year, to stand at 5.1%, while unemployment among women fell to 5.3%, also one tenth less than in the first month of 2019 .

In terms of youth unemployment, the unemployment rate among those under 25 years of age in the OECD as a whole remained stable at 11.2%, the same figure as in January and December. The highest rate of unemployment was recorded in Greece, with 39.5% in December, while Italy ranked second, with 32.8%, above the 32.4% recorded in Spain.

In addition to the decline in the unemployment rate, the number of unemployed registered its first decline since September 2018, standing at 33.29 million people, compared to 34.06 million in the immediately previous month.

The highest number of unemployed persons in absolute data was registered in the United States, with 6.2 million unemployed, ahead of Spain, with 3.2 million, and Italy, with 2.8 million.


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