The unemployment rate in Spain stands at 12.6%: the highest in the EU and twice the average for all countries

The Spanish labor market is preparing for a convulsive end of the year. The end of the summer campaign and the persistent incidence of inflation in production costs threaten to correct in the last third of 2022 the long path of job creation that Spain has experienced since the worst months of the pandemic. In this context, the main resistance lies in the difficulties that the market has encountered despite the increase in employment to reincorporate the unemployed into activity. In July, Spain recorded a total of 2.96 million unemployed, according to figures published this Thursday by Eurostat, which is equivalent to an unemployment rate of 12.6%. What is striking about the figure, in this case, is found in the international comparison with the rest of the powers of the eurozone and the European Union (EU). Specifically, this unemployment rate of 12.6% registered in Spain in July is the highest of both the 27 countries of the EU, and the 19 of the eurozone, which registered rates of 6%, and 6.6% on average , respectively. In addition, only Greece registers similar volumes of unemployment for the whole of the employed population, with an unemployment rate of 11.4%. Of course, in the case of the Greeks there are 500,000 people who make up the lists of unemployed, that is, one sixth of Spain. Furthermore, with these data on the table, the August contribution will only increase the unemployment figures, with special incidence in our country due to the weight of the hiring associated with the tourist campaign. Specifically, Adecco already calculated when the unemployment and affiliation figures for July were known that in August 37,000 people would be added to the SEPE lists. Of course, keeping the total volume of unemployed below the psychological figure of 3 million. However, the figures show a harsh reality, and that is that Spain appears as the 'great bag' of unemployed in the EU. If we look at the total number of unemployed people in the 27 EU countries, some 12.9 million, Spain has neither more nor less than 22.5% of all of them, having the highest proportion of all countries. The same happens with the 10.9 million unemployed workers in the eurozone, of which Spain is home to 26.6% of all of them. Related News standard Yes Alarm in the labor market: the slowdown in employment anticipates the destruction of another 150,000 jobs in August Gonzalo D. Velarde Unemployment will grow by nearly 37,000 people but will maintain the level below 3 million Among the Twenty-seven, the higher unemployment rates corresponded to Spain, with 12.6%; Greece, with 11.4%; and Italy, with 7.9%. On the contrary, the lowest unemployment figures were observed in the Czech Republic (2.3%), Poland (2.6%) and Germany and Malta (2.9% in both cases).

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