The UN will help Ecuador improve access and the quality of social security

The UN will help Ecuador improve access and the quality of social security

The United Nations System will help Ecuador implement strategies aimed at improving access and the quality of the benefits provided by social security to the population.

This was announced today by the resident representative of UN-Ecuador, Arnaud Peral, after the signing of a framework cooperation agreement with the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS).

UN-Ecuador indicated in its official Twitter account that the agreement is closely linked to the development of the Social Development Goals (SDG) and the UN 2030 Agenda.

"We congratulate Ecuador for bearing in mind the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda. Both public and private sectors, academia have shown their commitment to an Agenda that belongs to everyone," Peral said in the social network.

He added that the agreement is related to social protection issues, "since it prioritizes peace and prosperity" and seeks to combat "poverty and hunger" and "guarantee dignity and equality."

Despite advances in Ecuador, Peral noted that six out of ten people in the Economically Active Population (EAP) of the country have no access to social security and that only 36 percent of women in urban areas are affiliated with the IESS , lower figure in the rural sector where it reaches 31 percent.

"As a United Nations System, we ratify our willingness to accompany the efforts of the Ecuadorian State to meet the goals of the National Development Plan and the 2030 Agenda, so as not to leave anyone behind," added Peral, who also congratulated the IESS for promoting the voluntary affiliation of the population.

According to UN-Ecuador, the framework agreement will concentrate its support on "incorporating policies with a gender and human rights approach", as well as improving the dialogue and governance of the Ecuadorian entity to "strengthen issues of coverage and sustainability of social insurance."

Also "develop and implement strategies to increase access, quality and effectiveness of benefits" and "strengthen transparency mechanisms and fight against corruption."

For his part, the president of the IESS, Paul Granda, said that after the signing of the agreement will be held constant meetings with United Nations agencies, with the aim of strengthening Social Security for the benefit of all insured.

The agreement establishes that the technical assistance of UN-Ecuador will last two years and that both institutions will share experiences to execute programs that allow improving social security in the country.

In addition, he points out that one of the fundamental axes is to improve the quality of service provided by the IESS by strengthening human talent.


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