The UN grants the exemption to sanctions of Pyongyang to carry out the project with Seoul

The UN Security Council has granted an exemption to the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang for the execution of a railway project with Seoul, which said today that the decision will push "a new stage" in inter-Korean cooperation.

"This means that the project has been recognized and supported by the United States and the international community, and inter-Korean cooperation will enter a new stage," the South Korean presidential office said in a statement, in connection with the project, aimed at modernizing and eventually connecting trains. from both countries.

The United Nations Security Council approved the decision by consensus on Friday to grant an exemption to allow the shipment of fuel and other materials for the project to the North, which in the current circumstances would be prohibited by the sanctions that weigh on Pyongyang for its programs weapons, as revealed by a diplomatic source to the Yonhap news agency.

Seoul had requested a temporary exemption to conduct field studies in the North as part of the railway reconnection project, agreed at the inter-Korean summit in September.

The start of the work has been delayed for months after the United Nations Command, led by the United States, blocked access to the materials alleging procedural problems.

The blockade has been interpreted by some as a sign of Washington's displeasure over a possible violation of the sanctions imposed on the North Korean regime and the acceleration of inter-Korean cooperation at a time when negotiations on the denuclearization of the North are apparently stalled.

With the exemption granted, South and North hope to hold a ceremony before the end of the year to mark the start of work.


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