The UN expresses its concern about "escalation" of femicides in Bolivia

The United Nations Organization (UN) on Thursday expressed its "deep concern" about the figures of femicides registered in Bolivia in the first days of this year and urged the interim government to take measures so that these facts do not remain in impunity.

"UN Women expresses its deep concern and outrage at the escalation of femicides that enlude the Bolivian population in the first days of the year," said the statement of that entity.

In addition, that institution considered it "urgent" to take measures so that these facts do not remain in impunity, since "timely sanction contributes to breaking the chain of violence and its naturalization."

That entity reminded the interim Executive about Bolivia's commitments to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls, within the framework of the Human Rights Conventions.

"UN Women calls for strengthening comprehensive prevention measures in all areas, health, education and in the community, against violence experienced by women and girls," says the bulletin.

UN Women also sympathized with all victims of violence and their families, and pledged to provide technical and financial assistance to "continue fighting this pandemic."

The State Attorney General's Office reported on Wednesday that nine feminicides were registered in the country during the first seven days of the year, a figure that shows that the cases are "increasing rapidly."

To this number are added the 848 cases of "physical violence and sexual crimes" that the Forensic Investigation Institute (IDIF) attended the first seven days of this year.

The interim Minister of Justice, Álvaro Coimbra, expressed his dismay at this situation and announced that a national alert will be issued in the coming weeks so that all institutions are involved in the fight against sexist violence.

Coimbra also said that the interim government will carry out a "very strong" campaign to prevent these events.

In this regard, UN Women observed "in a positive way" Coimbra's statements and recommended that the measures to be taken have national and international standards, as well as an adequate budget.

El Salvador, Honduras and Bolivia are the three nations in Latin America with the highest proportion of homicides due to gender, with rates of 6.8, 5.1 and 2.3 women killed per 100,000, respectively, according to ECLAC.

In 2019, 117 feminicides were quantified, which mostly affected victims between the ages of 11 and 40, according to data provided by the Prosecutor's Office.

Bolivia has in force since 2013 a law that protects women from all types of violence and punishes feminicide with 30 years in prison, the maximum penalty of Bolivian legislation.

However, feminist organizations have repeatedly claimed that this rule is not fully applied due to lack of budget and trained personnel to handle these cases, among others.


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