Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The UN asks the Government and the press for justice for feminicide in Mexico

The UN agencies with representation in Mexico asked the government and the press for justice on Friday for the murder of Ingrid Escamilla, a 25-year-old girl dismembered by her partner, whose images were leaked to the media.

In a statement signed by several UN agencies, the institution urged the Mexican authorities to investigate from the perspective of human rights and gender this feminicide, which occurred in Mexico City last weekend, which includes investigating the public officials who disseminated the photographs of the case.

The United Nations also asked the media not to disseminate content that revictimizes women, such as explicit images of their violent bodies, headlines that suggest that the violence they suffer is their responsibility or texts that justify or minimize the acts against them.

“The daily dissemination of information without a human rights and gender perspective contributes to the perpetuation of gender stereotypes and the normalization and justification of the various forms of violence against millions of women, girls and adolescents in Mexico,” he argued. the UN in the newsletter.

In a country where 10 women are murdered every day, and with 1,006 gender-motivated femicides, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, the crime against Escamilla has caused national upheaval.

This is due to the cruelty of his partner, Erick Francisco “N”, 56, who dismembered the woman in front of his son, an autistic boy of 15 years, and the dissemination of crime images on the covers of National newspapers and electronic media.

Therefore, the UN “greeted” this Friday the declaration of the Ministry of the Interior, which has requested to avoid the dissemination of images related to femicides.

“The signatory agencies reiterate that there is a national and international legal framework that forces the Mexican State to develop strategies to eliminate discriminatory stereotypes against women in the media,” the United Nations said in the press release.

After the crime and media coverage, feminist groups have called for a national mobilization this Friday that began with a protest before the National Palace, where they made pints while the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, offered his morning press conference.

Given the pressure and accusations of minimizing femicides, López Obrador published on Friday a “decalogue” against this crime in which he condemned machismo and promised to “guarantee the safety of women.”

After the tumult on the outskirts of the National Palace, the authorities allowed ten women to enter the building, who delivered a solicitation document to public service officials.

The UN recalled that the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women has been extremely concerned about the treatment of cases of violence against women in most of the media, and recommended the Mexican State to design a strategy.

Among the agencies that signed the communiqué are the UN Women, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.


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