June 24, 2021

The ultras of Ajax have not let Real Madrid sleep

The ultras of Ajax have not let Real Madrid sleep

Ajax fans should think that their team has very little chance against Madrid in today's match because tonight they have looked for ways to weaken the white players. At 3 o'clock in the morning next to the concentration hotel where the players of Solari rested, the ultras of the Dutch team have started throwing and launching fireworks with which to awaken the Madridista expedition.

It is a habitual weapon of the hobbies that receive to more powerful equipment, for that reason in many occasions, the Real Madrid looks for hotels apart, well surrounded by security and where the fans can not arrive. In Amsterdam it could not be like that and we will have to see if not being able to rest properly has consequences during the crash.

In December, when the draw was held, Ajax looked favorably on the tie, because Madrid was not at its best, with a new coach and many doubts about its game and its results. Today everything has changed. Madrid feels powerful and Ajax is experiencing a crisis of confidence. That's why he needs all the tricks to beat Madrid, such as not letting him sleep.


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