The ultra Miguel Frontera will go to the bench for harassing and recording Iglesias and Montero at home

The Collado Villalba court has decided to send Miguel Frontera to the bench for harassing, insulting and recording Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero at their home in the Madrid municipality of Galapagar. The magistrate has concluded the investigation and leaves the case in the hands of a criminal court with the Prosecutor's Office requesting up to three years in prison and the marriage requesting a year and a half in prison for him.

Allegations of harassment by Iglesias and Montero in their home and networks: "I will take my children to that school to be inflated with hosts"

Allegations of harassment by Iglesias and Montero in their home and the networks: "I will take my children to that school so they can be inflated with hosts"

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Throughout 2020 dozens of people They gathered at the door of the home of the Minister of Equality and the then Vice President of the Government with banners, flags of Spain and shouts against marriage. Throughout this time, in addition to the harassment, they have starred in various confrontations with the Civil Guard agents assigned to guard the home and different people have been convicted of starring in these altercations.

The next trial will be that of Miguel Frontera, a supporter of Vox defended in this process by Polonia Castellanos, president of Abogados Cristianos. According to the accusation brought by Montero and Iglesias, Frontera has proclaimed itself instigator of protests and caceroladas on his Twitter account, he has carried banners with insults against both of them and has shouted things like "we are not going to stop until you go to Venezuela." He is also accused of climbing on a stone to record the interior of the house with his mobile phone "invading his privacy", even bragging about it in interviews and insulting Pablo Iglesias on his birthday in front of his young children.

Some accusations that cost him a restraining order and that now can also cost him a jail sentence. Frontera will sit on the bench of a criminal court after the investigator of the case has decided to open an oral trial against him. A car that reflects the two prison charges that weigh on him: the Prosecutor's Office asks for 3 years in prison and the marriage asks for just half. The judge also imposes a bond of more than 52,000 euros.

Different crimes

The car reflects how the Prosecutor's Office asks for a year in jail for a crime of harassment, two more for one year of discovery and disclosure of secrets and more than 8,000 euros in fines for two more illicit injuries. Iglesias and Montero are asking for half the years in prison: six months for harassment, one year for revealing secrets and several fines for coercion and insults against State Institutions.

Frontera will not be the first person to legally respond to the harassment that dozens of people have subjected Iglesias and Montero to in the last year at their home in Galapagar. Already in February of this year a mother and a daughter "Assiduous" at these rallies were fined for an altercation with civil guards who guard the perimeter, as well as the well-known ultra anti-feminist Francisco Zugasti. The latter, known for attending media court appointments with posters such as "STOP Feminazis", was sentenced to seven months in prison for beating and insulting a civil guard.


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