January 16, 2021

The ultimate lesbian love | Culture

The ultimate lesbian love | Culture

Sequence of 'The heirs'.

At the Berlin festival of 2018 a small Paraguayan film, The heiresses, debut in the long Marcelo Martinessi, left the public, the jury and the press with an open mouth. The heiresses he spoke with talent and finesse of worlds that sink – that of the high society without money, that only lives of the appearances – and of the last opportunities in the love. Thanks to its strength and quality, the film won the Alfred Bauer Award, a kind of bronze medal for the Berlinale, for a film that has opened new perspectives, the Silver Bear for best actress for Ana Braun and the Fipresci award for international criticism And now it arrives in Spanish theaters this Friday.

Its protagonists, Chela and Chiquita, have been together for decades in Asunción, a city that takes classes into account and does not seem to care about their lesbian relationship if they hide behind a high social position. However, to be of high class does not entail current accounts ventures: they are selling little by little all the furniture, the crockery and cutlery received from their families. Chela lives drowned in a depression that does not allow her to paint; Chiquita is the motor of the couple, until it ends up in jail for the debts. And then Chela starts to leave, to find her own emotional void, to feel even a sexual rebirth and, why not, to harbor the possibility of a last affaire. In the sequence that we offer you can see this latest courtship.


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