March 2, 2021

The ULPGC will elect rector on February 25

Meeting of the Cloister of the Gran Canaria University.

Meeting of the Cloister of the University of Gran Canaria.

The Cloister of the ULPGC today held an extraordinary session where the electoral calendar for the election of the rector has been agreed. The process will start next January the 8th, with the publication of the provisional census, while the day of the election will be February 25. On March 5, the elected candidates will be definitively proclaimed and the results will be published.

The session began with presentation of the new president of the Office of the Ombudsman of the University Community, PhD in Mathematics and professor Alejandra Sanjuán Hernán-Pérez, who in her speech highlighted that in her election there were 140 voters despite being the first session that was held in person after the restrictions of the pandemic and an absolute majority to her candidacy, which gives him great satisfaction. He takes stock of his academic and research activity and manifests himself with “loyalty and passion” for the ULPGC. Among his activities to be developed, he highlighted the use of an inclusive language in the Ombudsman’s Office, reaching out to students more, and asked for “ideas so that our people can be proud of the university.”

Second, the University Senate took account of the memory of the Equality Unit, by the director of the same Sonia Mauricio Subirana. The director of the Unit reviewed the national and international regulations that protect this unit and today, November 25, the day of elimination of violence against women, recalled that in Spain one out of every two women has suffered some kind of sexist violence throughout his life. In 2010 the Equality Unit of the ULPGC was created, with which it has already completed 10 years of operation, and made a review of all the activities developed in the last two academic years both in the field of training, and in relation to monitoring of the Gender Equality Plan.

She also indicated the actions carried out in cases of harassment and sexist attitudes, in accordance with the protocol approved by the Governing Council in 2017. With regard to the representation of women and men, Sonia Mauricio indicated that in general in the organs of The government takes parity into account, increasing in these years the presence of women in the vice-rectorships and center directorates, but not in the departmental directorates. In the teaching staff, among the assistants, the presence of women and men is equal, but a glass ceiling is observed as higher bodies of tenure and chair are accessed. In the Administration and Services Personnel, the number of women is higher at all levels, as is the case among students, where the number of women is higher than that of men.

Finally, with regard to the recommendations for the future, the Director of the Equality Unit considers it essential that it have a budget and full-time administrative staff, as well as that it is necessary that new figures such as cyberbullying be included in university protocols sexual, according to the new typicity of the laws. He also indicated that the next equality plan should include measures for the conciliation of teaching and research staff, among other measures.

Continuing with the established order of the day, the Cloister agreed to call for elections for the renewal of 5 student representatives (sector C) within the Governing Council. Candidacies may be presented between December 4 and 11, and the elections will be held electronically, unless it is requested to do so in person, on Tuesday, December 15, in an extraordinary session of the Senate, which will be followed by the scrutiny and the proclamation of elected officials.

Likewise, the Senate has approved the modification of article 52 of the Electoral Regulations of the ULPGC, in order to extend from four to nine days the deadline to carry out the actions related to voting by mail in the elections to Rector, in view of the anticipation of an increase in it due to the social distancing measures dictated by the State and the Community Autonomous due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, in this session the Senate of the ULPGC has approved the announcement and calendar of the elections to Rector, whose voting will take place on Thursday, February 25, 2021, being the last day for the presentation of candidatures on Wednesday, January 27.


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