The ULPGC reissues its history through the voice and “soul” of its creators

«It is an easy-to-read collection of books that brings soul and feeling to the history of this institution. And in addition, it is supported by video, it allows you to see the gestures and emotions of the authors, which is very enriching, because you no longer just read it, you can see it, “he says. Yaya Hernández Guerra, head of Comunication cabinet of the ULPGC and director of the project together with Antonio Martin Rodriguez, director of Scientific Publications and Diffusion Service.

Lluis Serra recalls during the presentation that “our University was possible thanks to many hands, to the sum of many efforts”


The new collection, presented yesterday by the rector Serra Majem and the vice-rector for Culture, Sports and Social Activation of the Campus, José Luis Trenzado, was attended by the protagonists of the first volume, entitled The formation of the University where the first two rectors, Francisco Rubio Royo and Manuel_Lobo Cabrera, express their experience, through an entertaining and relaxed dialogue, led by the journalist Yaya Hernández.

“This collection of video and text has an added value, the voice of the person is heard and the content appears”, says Manuel Lobo


For the rector of the ULPGC it was “the moment to remember that things are not done alone, that our University in its beginnings and also now, needed many hands, many individual and collective efforts that made possible the living reality that we enjoy today and that we intend to develop for future generations.

Trenzado stressed that the objective of this project “was to re-create something that we all felt was, if not lost, something deteriorated, the pride in our institution, the sense of belonging, of service and of lively loyalty to our institution.”

Trenzado aims to “recover pride in our institution, the sense of belonging, service and loyalty”


Rubio Royo, who could not be present at the event, participated in it through a video in which he congratulated the promoters of the initiative. «It allows us to know the human part of some of its protagonists, which is very important and is not in the official documents and records that are handled. We have been able to recall and relive fond moments of our lives, both from the perspective of the moment in which they occurred, and from the present moment in which we live ».

Lobo Cabrera also praised the idea of ​​capturing on paper and video the thoughts of the different people who have played a relevant role throughout the history of the ULPGC. «It is said that words are blown away by the wind, but in this case they have been recorded and printed, a double situation that gives added value to this collection, you can hear people’s words, their voice, their tone, but also the content appears »·.

Currently, another four volumes are in the process of being prepared, referring to researchers in the Humanities area, with Trinidad Arcos, Yolanda Arencibia and Maximiano Trapero; two national and international referents with the researchers Pedro Betancor and Roberto Moreno; politics and demonstrations from the time of the creation of the ULPGC, with Antonio Marrero, Lorenzo Olarte and Jerónimo Saavedra; and the Management of the ULPGC, with Miguel Suárez de Tangil, Francisco Quintana, Conrado Domínguez and Eulalia Gil.


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