May 31, 2020

The ULPGC rector team guarantees that all students can choose tutor for the TFG – La Provincia

"Each student is going to have a final degree work tutor (TFG), they can choose it, even if they are a part-time teacher, who will charge for that TFG from the first credit they direct." This was stated yesterday by the Vice Chancellor for Students and Sports of the ULPGCAntonio Ramos Gordillo, during the meeting he held with the students of the Faculty of Education Sciences, concentrated yesterday at the Obelisk Campus.


Ramos Gordillo asked the students that, if they have any doubts or concerns, contact the relevant staff for proper information, given that the idea that part-time teachers could not direct TFG, "is the result of misinformation." "The biggest concern of the students is the TFG, but it is unfounded, because it is a responsibility of the University that is assumed. I repeat, each student will have a final degree tutor, whichever they choose."

Regarding those groups of students who have not yet assigned the practices of the course, the vice-rector commented that no student will be left without internships.

"It is the same as with the nursing students of Lanzarote, who will be assigned during this month. This is the eternal debate of hearing that they do not have an assignment of practices, all the deans of each center manage the practices and on time and They will tell you where they have to go. " Ramos Gordillo pointed out that the only problem that has arisen in this regard, at the level of the entire State, is that this year they have not let the students go to practice at the prisons. "It is a state regulation, but alternatives will be sought, no student will be left without their practices," he insisted.

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