May 10, 2021

The ULPGC recognizes the teaching quality of fifteen professors of the institution

ULPGC professors awarded for their teaching quality.

ULPGC professors awarded for their teaching quality.
The province

The Rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Rafael Robaina, and the Vice Chancellor for Quality, Milagros Rico, have delivered this Monday the Docentia-ULPGC Awards, which distinguish the teaching career of a total of 15 teachers, nine in relation to the 2017-2018 call and six from the 2018-2019 call, out of the 20 total awards that are distributed among the three calls that evaluate all the teaching staff. 5 of the 2019-2020 call remain to be awarded.

The distinctions recognize the trajectory of teaching quality on an ongoing basis over the time of the ULPGC teaching staff. These three calls evaluate all the teaching staff, in accordance with the criteria established in the manual verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA).

Robaina and Rico they congratulated the winners and insisted on the iImportance of the students’ assessment in the deserving of these distinctions.

Rico remembered that the ULPGC launched its first Docentia-ULPGC call a decade ago, in the 2010-2011 academic year. Since then, each year the university prepares a monitoring report in which it is aware of the transparency, objectivity, results and opportunities for improvement detected, among other aspects.

Act of delivery of the prizes of educational quality to the professors of the ULPGC. The province

The provisional monitoring report sent by ANECA in July 2020 indicates the University’s commitment to improving the quality of teaching and highlights the generation of an internal quality assurance system, allowing it to identify its own shortcomings, introduce improvements and modify the procedure manual.

This award can only be obtained once throughout the professional career, and at least one award will be awarded for each branch of knowledge, as long as there are teachers in each of them who meet all the requirements.

The Docentia-ULPGC Awards represent a way not only to recognize a sustained work over time by teachers who give the best of themselves in their teaching activity, but also to stimulate a continuous improvement of the quality of the training given in their centers and departments.


Gina Louise Oxbrow, Professor Doctor of the Area of ​​knowledge of English Philology.

Pilar De Juan González, Associate Professor in the English Philology Knowledge Area.

Amalia Bosch Benitez, Doctor Professor of the Knowledge Area of ​​Translation and Interpretation.

Maria del Carmen Cabrera Santana, Professor of the External Geodynamics Knowledge Area.

Antonio S. Ramos Gordillo, Professor of the Area of ​​knowledge of Physical and Sports Education.

Claudio Tascón Trujillo, Professor of the Knowledge Area of ​​Evolutionary Psychology and Education.

Carmen Delia Diaz Bolaños, Professor Doctor of the Area of ​​knowledge of Social Work and Social Services.

Claudio J. Moreno Medina, Professor Doctor of the Area of ​​knowledge of Regional Geographic Analysis.

Maria Flora Andrés de Araujo, Full Professor of the Cartographic, Geodetic and Photogrammetry Engineering knowledge area.

Gregorio Rodriguez Herrera, Professor of the Area of ​​knowledge of Latin Philology.

Maureen mulligan, Associate Professor of the English Philology Area.

Jose Mangas Viñuela, Professor of the Crystallography and Mineralogy Knowledge Area.

Silvestre Amado Bello Rodríguez, Professor of the Area of ​​knowledge of Roman Law.

Juana Angeles Perera Santana, Professor of the Knowledge Area of ​​Didactics of Language and Literature.

Francisco Mario Hernández Tejera, Professor of the Knowledge Area of ​​Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.


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