The ULPGC promotes labor insertion and entrepreneurship through the 'Futura-T' days - The Province

The ULPGC promotes labor insertion and entrepreneurship through the 'Futura-T' days - The Province

The vice-rectorate of Company, Entrepreneurship and Employment of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), in its commitment to promote employment and entrepreneurship, has presented the second edition of the conference Futura-T, which brings together conferences in charge of entrepreneurs, in addition to participatory activities aimed at students. The initiative, which also coincides with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the academic institution, will be developed over three days and will begin next Wednesday, October 17.

The meeting also served to present the application my Plaza ULPGC, which promotes the participation of the entire university community and which is available today for all Android devices. The software has been created by the co-founder and director of Wallonia, Cristina Suárez, and developed by the company Inerza.

As a novel detail, on this occasion, we will also proceed to the inauguration of The Campus laboratory, a space destined to the creation and professional development. In order to strengthen the registration, the own college It will promote the initiative through the campus and will pose different challenges that will have prizes.

With regard to the speakers who will participate this year in the conference Future T, the university community will have the presence of the scientific disseminator and former student of the academic institution, Javier Santaolalla; the former basketball player, Sitapha Savané; the online professor, David Calle; and the veterinarian Mónica de León.

On the other hand, the vice-rector of Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employment, Rosa Batista, wanted to thank the support provided by all the sponsors of the event, "and especially the Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria and Incyde School Gran Canaria, because without them this would not be possible. "


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