The ULPGC participates in the electronics of the world’s largest civil drone

IUMA researchers at the Expodrónica International Fair.

The University Institute of Applied Microelectronics (IUMA) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) has participated in the Expodrónica International Fair, which together with the World ATM Congress form one of the largest events in the world of the Aeronautic sector from unmanned autonomous vehicles.

This Fair was held on October 26-28 at IFEMA, Madrid, with the presence of more than 170 exhibitors from 110 countries, with large participation from research centers, private companies and public organizations.

The stand in the Canary Islands, with a surface area of ​​300 m2, was one of the most attractive at this meeting due to the technology deployed in the aeronautical and aerospace sector, in which the IUMA has been participating for years through different national and international initiatives with companies such as Thales Alenia Space, Airbus, GMV, SENER, IBM, Tecnalia or the European Space Agency (ESA).

Among other products, the Flyox of the Singular Aircraft company, the world’s largest civil drone, was presented, in which the IUMA has been collaborating in the integration of multi-hyperspectral and thermal sensors, and electronic systems for on-board image processing. all of this developed in the laboratories of the Integrated Systems Design Division, in the ULPGC Science and Technology Park. Said plane, weighing more than 4000 kg, has the name “Isla de La Palma” inscribed, in support of all those families that have been affected by the volcano for more than 6 weeks. Likewise, the Ehang 216 was also presented, a drone capable of transporting two people, from the Chinese company Ehang, with whom the IUMA is in talks to develop different projects of great scientific and technological interest.

At the fair, the Flyox of the Singular Aircraft company was presented, in which the IUMA has been collaborating in the integration of multi-hyperspectral and thermal sensors and electronic systems for on-board image processing

His Majesty the King of Spain, Felipe VI, inaugurated this fair and visited the stand of the Canary Islands on the morning of the 26th, showing great interest in the technologies developed. Jerónimo Falcón, head of PROEXCA, a Canarian public company, was in charge of receiving the King and accompanying him on his tour of the stand. Sebastián López, Director of Innovation and Transfer of the ULPGC, represented our institution in this opening ceremony.

Through various meetings held between Singular Aircraft, Ehang, the IUMA and the Canary Islands Aeronautical and Aerospace Cluster, in which the ULPGC holds the vice-presidency of R&D, it is expected that in a matter of a few months this technology will be transferred to the Canary Islands to continue with the in-flight validation tests that are being carried out in the peninsula, and include new developments of the IUMA both in the Flyox and in future versions of the Ehang 216. The MACAN (Canary Islands Air Command) has also participated in all of this. at all times it has shown great interest in potential applications such as rescue and rescue at sea, security, detection and extinction of fires and transfer of essential goods in case of emergency, which are added to the monitoring of the environment and the deployment of communication networks in remote locations.


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