July 29, 2021

The ULPGC paralyzes the oppositions to stabilize about 120 interns – La Provincia

The ULPGC paralyzes the oppositions to stabilize about 120 interns - La Provincia

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will paralyze the call for public employment of some 120 seats for the stabilization and consolidation of interim staff of Administration and Services (PAS). A measure that the rectoral team takes at the request of the union representatives, as affirmed yesterday the rector, Rafael Robaina, during the monographic debate session on the state of the university of Cloister of the ULPGC, celebrated yesterday.

The manager of the University, Eulalia Gil, clarified that the public employment offer is paralyzed (OPE) of the consolidation and stabilization posts of the Administration and Services interim personnel, which amount to about 120, at the request of the union representatives; although if they are going to call the promotion and free places (replacement rate for vacancies, retirements …), whose forecasts suggest that they will be around 35. This OPE will be taken to the Government Council of the ULPGC at the end of present month of November.

The manager pointed out that the novelty of this year's OPE compared to previous ones was, precisely, the stabilization and consolidation positions for temporary staff, which in the case of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria exceeds 30% of the PAS staff. "This year, the law allowed to include in the job offer all the positions that had been occupied temporarily and that fulfilled a series of requirements that mark the regulations, which makes it possible to include them in the job offer so that those persons who they were occupying those positions could access them through an opposition contest, but the unions have asked that this be paralyzed, that these places are still not being called, because there is fear of losing the jobs ".

In this sense, they gave as an example the last OPE of the teaching staff, in which they approved around 15 or 20% of interns. "Many interns of the PAS who have been in office for more than 10 or 15 years are afraid that, as a consequence of this process, they may remain on the street, but this was the agreement that their own unions, UGT and CCOO, most representative of National level, they agreed with the State Administration, a procedure to give stability, which was what allows us to take out those consolidation and stabilization posts, "said Eulalia Gil.

However, the rector announced to the University Senate that, although these consolidation and stabilization positions are paralyzed this year, they will resume in 2019. Robaina reiterated his position of "not wanting to harm anyone in any way", although he is bound by current legislation to reduce the current interim that exceeds 30% to 8% in 2020. "As it seems that there is a national movement of changes in the regulations of employment consolidation, we are willing to postpone the calls for consolidation at the request of the representatives of the personnel, although the free places and of promotion will be summoned, pointed.

In this sense, a part of the temporary staff of the PAS, who has been in this situation for many years, trusts that there is a more beneficial procedure to stay fixed, different from the opposition contest, which by law must be free and open. In this sense, many unions have submitted briefs requesting the State to meet the demand of this group, which has not been able to consolidate its positions in recent decades, although for now there is no certainty that the situation will change.


"The Rector of the University of Las Palmas and I as a manager, we have found that a long-standing demand of the PAS workers of this University, who even asked the rector in his electoral process, which is the stabilization and consolidation in employment to lower the temporary rate, now be rejected by them.When we have launched, according to the standard, which was agreed with the unions themselves, it turns out that they now say no, "the manager reiterated .

In any case, Gil recalls that there is a part of the group, younger, than if it demands a public call for the stabilization and consolidation of employment. "The oppositions must be free because the law says it, therefore anyone can be presented, the law allows there to be a contest phase in which the years of work are punctuated, but for this they must first approve. here we meet people who have been working for 15 or 20 years, they are around 50 years old and they do not see themselves in the role of studying, but there are people with 30 who want to study, approve and promote themselves within the University, and while you are you do not promote yourself, "he concluded.
Representatives claustrales of the PAS insisted to the rector yesterday in which collaborates in the search of an alternative solution to the contest opposition to give stability to the personnel of Administration and Interim Services with years of antiquity.


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