The ULPGC invests eleven thousand euros in a system for the detection of plagiarism - La Provincia

The ULPGC invests eleven thousand euros in a system for the detection of plagiarism - La Provincia

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will soon implement a tool to detect possible plagiarism in activities and papers presented, from doctoral theses, scientific publications, books, master's thesis ... It is a service called Turnitin, for the prevention of copy of texts that allows institutions educational institutions to easily determine the originality of the works and publications presented within the university community.

The system, made known by the rector Rafael Robaina in the Government Council of the ULPGC held yesterday, has a cost of 11,000 euros and will be implemented in two phases. The first, which is immediate, will be applied to doctoral theses that will be defended in the ULPGC (Doctoral School), Publications of the Publications and Scientific Dissemination Service, publications of the University Library, Master's thesis that will be defended in the ULPGC, and work and activities carried out in the Teleformation Structure qualifications.

In the second phase will be undertaken, progressively, the general implementation to the rest of the work done in the official degrees of the ULPGC.

Turnitin browses the internet and tracks databases of authorship of works and digital texts, to detect textual coincidences. The service generates a report of individual originality that highlights and provides links to any textual equivalence found on the internet, in the databases of previous works and / or the bases of authorship of content published by any of the subscribers and associated with this tool. . "Our goal is that the activities and works presented meet the maximum guarantees, and that the university community has the certainty that offers the verification of texts with an originality report".

The ULPGC implements it after being validated by the Vice-Rector for Communication and Social Projection for eight months, with the Publications and Scientific Dissemination Service, Final Project of the Faculty of Marine Sciences, TFG of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Teleformation, doctoral theses ...

"The idea was to try different formulas for the detection of textual coincidences: after this pilot experience, taking into account the level of satisfaction of the users, we came to the conclusion that Turnitin is the one that best responds to the needs of the ULPGC, as a tool for help for the entire university community ", concluded Robaina.

On the other hand, the Governing Council agreed, among other actions, the approval of the Regulation of the Veterinary Clinical Hospital, managed from the Scientific and Technological Park, an initiative demanded for decades.

Said Regulation regulates the fundamental objective of the Veterinary Clinical Hospital, which is the academic activity, both in terms of the clinical training of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as clinical research and the provision of assistance to the veterinary professional.

The document regulates the structure and functioning, personnel, governing bodies and economic and patrimonial regime. The dean of the Faculty of Veterinary, Juan Alberto Corbera indicated in this regard that the hospital exists since the 90s when the Faculty of Veterinary was created, so "having a regulation was a necessity and has been achieved with consensus to achieve the best possible document, "he said.


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