The ULPGC celebrates International Password Day with an awareness day


Roberto Moreno, manager of the ULPGC, reminds the university community and the general public of healthy cybersecurity habits

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria taking advantage of the
International Password Day which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, May 5 (like every first Thursday of that month) has developed an awareness day, where the manager of the university institution, Roberto Moreno, reminded both the university community and the rest of the citizens, the «
healthy habits in cybersecurity» that protect our data, our information and our network-based social relationships.

«The use of non-obvious passwords, changing them frequently, not reusing them for different purposes, are some of the basic rules to maintain a cyber-healthy life and
avoid encountering surprises Unpleasant such as data theft, interference in bank accounts, identity theft, etc”, Moreno has declared.

These recommendations are especially relevant in a conflict situation in today's world, in which account thefts,
phishing and assaults on online services are an important part of the attack strategy.

«It may seem like a burden, but dedicating a little time every few weeks to reviewing our own personal security measures on the Internet is very profitable in the medium and long term and
avoid huge headaches», adds Roberto Moreno, who recalls that «in the world of secure passwords, size does matter».

Recent tests show that passwords of less than 10 characters can be cracked in record time (less than 40 minutes). It is convenient to use
strong passwords (with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters), do not use short phrases or words that are in dictionaries or related to your personal life, do not use the same password in several accounts and renew it with certain frequency.

The ULPGC will begin to implement the
two factor authentication following the recommendations of the National Cryptologic Center, for which the Computer Service of the ULPGC and the Digital Agenda Vice-Management will prepare an information campaign in the coming weeks.

For those interested in learning more about cybersecurity (check email, passwords or learn about the recommendations of the National Cryptologic Center)
click here.

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