April 20, 2021

The ULPGC celebrates a meeting on architecture with a gender perspective – The Province

The ULPGC celebrates a meeting on architecture with a gender perspective - The Province

Architecture from a gender perspective will be the driving force of the I GAC International Meeting, Gender, Architecture and City, a meeting that focuses on the reformulation of methods, processes and instruments to advance towards the egalitarian city and with the participation of relevant international experts, papers, discussion tables, communications and complementary activities.

This meeting, which will be held in ULPGC On May 8, 9 and 10, the objective is, as the architect Elsa Guerra, of the association of Canarian women architects Marca Púrpura, to create a framework for meeting, deepening and proposing about architecture from a gender perspective. its different scales, from planning and urban design to building.

In addition to Elsa Guerra, in the act of presentation participated yesterday the rector of the ULPGC, Rafael Robayna, and the architects and Evelyn Alonso Rohner and Noemí Tejera Mujica, among others. "Beyond the obvious weight of each of the invited speakers, three female architects from three different nationalities", such as Anumapa Kundoo, Inés Moisset and Inés Sánchez de Madariaga, "the interesting thing here," said Noemi Tejera, "is the transfer that you can make your reflections, projects and lines of research into our immediate urban context. "

In addition to the presentations, this meeting includes, as Evelyn Alonso outlined, "the exhibition and contribution of documentary works of reference, the presentation of panels and the organization of an urban walk" commented from a gender perspective.


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