The ULPGC and the ULL will have seven of the 20 million they asked for: "It is insufficient"

The ULPGC and the ULL will have seven of the 20 million they asked for: "It is insufficient"

Rosa Aguilar, rector of the ULL, and Lluís Serra, rector of the ULPGC, in a meeting that took place in CANARIAS7. / ARCADIO SUAREZ

The universities do not obtain the financing in the Canarian budgets to stay afloat and they hope that the amendments will increase the contribution of Education

Louisa del Rosario

The draft budget of
the Autonomous Community will endow the two Canarian public universities with seven million more each in 2023, an amount almost 5% higher than this year. An increase that both institutions "thank" for the "effort" that it entails for the Ministry of Education, however such an amount
is still "insufficient"assures the manager of the University of La Laguna (ULL), José Manuel Plasencia, since they asked the Government for 20 million more for each one to stay afloat.

The ULPGC will have an additional 5.4 million euros from the General Directorate of Universities. And to them we must add an increase of 1.4 million budgetary programs from other ministries as well as the amounts foreseen in the future FDCAN; "Therefore, they are affected contributions, they are available for a specific purpose," explains the manager of the ULPGC, Roberto Moreno. Who agrees with Plasencia in considering that
although this increase "is very welcome", it is not what the universities needed. "Perhaps we hope that the process of amendments can be improved, especially with regard to complementing structural budget applications of both universities and mitigating the increase in inflation," adds Moreno.

structural financing

And it is that the increase in the budget that both public universities will have is, as Moreno pointed out, “finalist”, that is, it must be dedicated to what is foreseen in the budgets, as in the case of an item for “infrastructures” . Hence, Plasencia explains that
the problem with this increase is that it still does not allow universities to "cover the structural need for funding"which is the one they had encrypted at 20 million more for each of them.

Plasencia points out that two million will be for infrastructure, "it is a specific purpose", and 1.4 for research, but "
it does not allow to cover the structural, the increase in labor costs and a very specific aspect, the increase in costs, our electricity bill has increased from 1.3 to 3.5 million and that is not covered in those structural expenses.

Education will allocate 244.7 million euros to public universities in the Canary Islands. For operating expenses of the ULL it will be 115 million, while for the ULPGC it will be 101 million. In addition, the first will receive 9.3 and the second 7.4 for the complements of the teaching and research staff.

Archive image of a meeting of the Social Council of the ULPGC / C7

38.4% more for each of the social councils

The social councils of both Canarian public universities, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and La Laguna (ULL) increase their budget for next year by 38.4% compared to 2022. Thus, at least it is estimated in the draft law that the Treasury has presented and in which Education has decided to provide each of the two supervisory bodies of the universities with 450,000 euros for the year 2023. This amount represents an increase of 125,000 euros with respect to the budget with which counted each of them during the current year (325,000 euros). To this figure must be added what the universities contribute. In the case of the ULPGC, it entered in its budget for this year 165,949 euros for its Social Council, with which this added a total of 490,949 euros.