The ULPGC already has a hundred patents and aspires to "have more and better ones"

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The university leads "innovation based on knowledge in the Canary Islands", says the rector. The support of the Cabildo, key in advancing research

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University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)It already has a hundred patents and has set "as an inalienable objective to have more, but above all, better ones"according to the rector Lluís Serra Majem, who presided together with the president of the
Cabildo of Gran CanariaAntonio Morales, the act of presentation of the advances of the ULPGC in terms of protection of industrial and intellectual property.

At the event, it was revealed
the importance of protecting research results through patents to be transferred to companies and society», as reported by the ULPGC in a statement.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has collaborated with the ULPGC in this task and also in the
search for the internationalization of its patentshaving decided on a change of strategy, in the sense of going to
patent before the official offices in Europe and the United States,
which are the only ones that count in national and international university rankingsrather than go for patents in Spain, adds the note.

eight licenses

In fact, in
the first quarter of 2022 the university of grancanaria has participated in the application for eight licenses before the European Patent Office.

The rector pointed out that "according to data from the
Spanish office of the patents and brandduring
In the first quarter of 2022, eight national patents have been requested from the Canary Islands.

Well, during that same period the ULPGC has also participated in the application for eight patents, but before the
European Patent Office. In other words,
The ULPGC has shown during this year that it has the same capacity to apply for patents as the rest of the public and private institutions in the Canary Islands».

Patents with the greatest impact

According to Serra, these requests, due to the fact that
have a European dimension, "will give rise to patents of much greater impact". “These numbers allow us to affirm that
The ULPGC is the institution that leads knowledge-based innovation in the Canary Islands», he added.

The president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, valued the
close collaboration between the island government and the ULPGC and stressed that
"We are experiencing the period of greatest budget involvement of this Corporation to promote R&D&i in its entire history"since the institution has invested more than two million euros in initiatives related to R&D&i in recent years.

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The ULPGC has an "essential" role

«The diversification of the economic structure of our island is necessary and research and knowledge development play a fundamental role.
It must be the base on which the change of model that we intend for the island is centered and, for this, the ULPGC plays an essential role”, he asserted.

Morales began that «
the Cabildo of Gran Canaria is focusing on all aspects that go deeper into R&D&i, aimed at the development proposals that we defend and that the ULPGC also defends, such as comprehensive sustainable development linked to the fight against climate change, aquaculture or comprehensive technological development linked to renewables. The field is vast and we are making a significant financial effort to support the University in its work».

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