May 27, 2020

The Ukrainian adopted daughter was neither adult nor murderer – La Provincia

Just a few days ago, the media echoed a rocambolesque story worthy of a horror movie. The adoptive parents of Natalia Grace, Kristine Barnett and Michael Brant, they were arrested earlier this week for abandoning their Ukrainian adopted daughter. The American marriage claimed that little Natalia was actually a 22-year-old adult, and was suffering from a disease known as spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia, which affects bone growth. But, in addition they assured that it tried to kill them in numerous occasions.

However, the truculent story of the parents It hasn't taken too long to be denied. The truth is that Kristine Barnett and Michael Brant completed the adoption procedures for Natalia Grace in just 24 hours in 2010 in Florida, when the girl was just six years old.

In the first years there were no notable problems between the marriage and her daughter. However, when the girl was 8 years old, the mother realized that little Natalia had pubic hair and menstruation. The couple decided to submit their daughter to a series of diagnostic tests to determine her age. The medical results showed that the girl was about 11 years old. Menstruation and the appearance of pubic hair at an early age was a consequence of dysplastic disorder, something that is usually common in more women suffering from this disease. But, despite the evidence, the parents continued to believe that Natalia Grace was actually an adult and They changed their legal age to 22 years.

In 2013 the marriage moved with the rest of the family to Canada. But it wasn't all the members. The Barnett decided to leave Natalia Grace. They paid a year of rent in an Indiana apartment, where they left the girl alone.

The principal of the adopted girl's school warned that Natalia was absent from school. The little girl has survived the time she has had to live alone and He already lives with a new family in Indiana. The Barnett marriage is in the hands of justice. The father is actively collaborating in the investigation of the case, but the mother, on the other hand, continues to maintain that Natalia is an adult who wanted to kill her.

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