May 15, 2021

The UD Lanzarote denounces “delectable” attacks by members of a pea – La Provincia

The Management Board of the UD Lanzarote has publicly denounced that a rock of his fans has starred “delectable” incidents in the last weeks. And after the emergency meeting he held on Wednesday, the club management said he will study legal action in this regard.

As explained from the UD Lanzarote, it all started a few weeks ago, when “a video circulated on social networks in which members of the Peña Trifulka came out singing and doing obscene gestures “against one of the managers of the club, “inciting hatred and violence.” “The video was deleted a few hours after the social networks in which it was published, but it continued to circulate through mobile devices,” they add.

A few days later, always according to the version of the Lanzarote team released in a statement, “there was an even more serious and dangerous event”, since “one person went to the job of one of our managers, shirtless and with clear intentions of assaulting him. Our manager manages to reassure him not to commit that act. This person ended up telling that “they sent him members of the Peña Trifulka”.

The legal department studies taking action

Given the “seriousness of what happened” from the UD Lanzarote Manager have decided to make public so that their fans “know these unpleasant incidents” and to condemn “any kind of violent behavior in sport or outside it.” “These types of delectable acts do not help to consolidate the values ​​that sports entails“they underline.

In addition, they announce that the legal department of the UD Lanzarote works to assess whether it is “appropriate” to take legal action. Finally, they emphasize that they are committed to “dialogue and reconciliation from all areas, in order to reinforce the values ​​that should be instilled from a sports entity that represents the entire island of Lanzarote.”



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