May 13, 2021

The UD goes to the total attack

The affirmation of the UD Las Palmas coach came when he was questioned about the fact of being able to count on his entire offensive front, and he also took advantage of the question to give importance to the matches in his 90 minutes. “We can already think about those match plans. Maybe before we had more difficulties due to the number of footballers (…). Plan B can make you win, ”he explained.

Minutes later, he was insisted on the possibility that Rober, Pejiño, Jesé and Araujo, to whom he had previously referred, could act together from the beginning, and he assured: “I have told you so that you may take it into account. Now plan b is important. When is it going to be used? Well, I don’t know, because maybe it’s not against Tenerife, but against Lugo –on Thursday, at 8:00 pm–. It’s an option that I have and that I didn’t have at all ”.

The visit to Tenerife coincides with the first time that the four attackers are at their maximum


As this media has learned, Pepe Mel has in mind to bet on all four. It is what he has rehearsed mostly during the week and for what he will bet on the Rodríguez López start if he does not change his plans after the last work session scheduled for this morning in Barranco Seco.

His idea is, therefore, to put his top scorers on the pitch together. Rober and Araujo have five goals, while Pejiño four and Jesé has not yet been released. The last three started at the beginning in the last three games with Rafa Mujica, who would be the one sacrificed, but the Extremadura was missing.

Last Wednesday he raised his hand to ask for passage. He repeated a couple of times that he was finally 100% after having overcome the consequences of the coronavirus and having participated with a few minutes in the last two commitments, and Mel picked up the glove.

The yellow team would return to form with the two extremes with which they liked at the beginning


With this plan, the UD would recover the happy face of the initial stretch of the championship, with Pejiño and Rober at the ends with the obligation to help the full-backs in defense and strike inside and out in attack. The difference is that up there would be two center forwards instead of one, with Araujo a little behind Jesé and with the mission of doing the dark job.

It is the UD’s all-out attack to assault the Heliodorus two decades later. Plan b, tomorrow, does not have the four daggers.


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