June 23, 2021

The UD denounces 'a material error' and presents video evidence – The Province

The UD denounces 'a material error' and presents video evidence - The Province

The UD Las Palmas yesterday activated his machinery to cancel the second yellow card he received David García, yellow captain, in the penalty that marked the Gorka Sagués Oscoz and that meant the final draw of Tenerife. The Gran Canaria club, through its legal services, captained by Lino Chaparro, presented the pertinent appeal to Competition Committee. The slogan is to recover Private Garcia for the next confrontation on Saturday against the Cordova (19.30, TVC and The league 123).

Here is the defense brief: 'That we understand that the Collegiate incurs a material error when assessing that the player touches the ball with his hand, when the reality is that the ball hits the head of the Canarian player. From viewing the attached video it is clear to agree with us that the ball is once fired by the opposing player and hits the back of the head of the wrongly sanctioned player and then shoots back again. But he never touches the trajectory of the ball with his arm. If so, as alleged by the Collegiate, the ball would not be impacted for the opposite side of its trajectory, but the arm by its own biomechanics would have cushioned its course, leaving the ball close to the play or taking a detour. In addition, if there is any doubt after reviewing the images, which already seem to show the failure of the referee, the trajectory of the ball itself is also argued. Far from dampening the shot, the contact between the leather and David García, send the ball to another side '.

Second hand

The fact seems clearer than the other claim on the red of Galarreta in the match in Extremadura. The punishment was not removed.


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