The UD affiliate challenges El Ejido in Juan Guedes for salvation

New assault for salvation. The heroes of Juan Guedes return to the ring. Las Palmas Atlético hosts CD El Ejido 2012 (12 noon, Footters) in the third match of the second phase for defending the place in the Second RFEF. After the defeat against Yeclano Deportivo (2-1), the ‘sail girl’ tries to emulate the level offered against Lorca Deportiva (3-1) in Tamaraceite. A fort for the yellows and where they do not know defeat after two contests.

“All games are final, and especially playing at home, where you have to maintain a greater strength. It is a difficult game, against a team on the rise, with skilled players on the wing and up. You have to be focused ”, highlighted Juan Manuel, the subsidiary’s technician. The duel will be without an audience. Clau Mendes, the only casualty due to discomfort in the ‘small sail’.


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