June 18, 2021

The two-minute gesture that helps you gain self-confidence – The Province

The two-minute gesture that helps you gain self-confidence - The Province

Communication is much more than words; they are gestures, looks, positions, facial expressions … Our body speaks for itself without needing to pronounce sentences; reveals our intentions, gives way to feelings and lets glimpse traits of our personality.

During interpersonal interaction, Nonverbal behavior also informs about our level of understanding and agree, in addition to showing us if we are lying.

When we are insecure, we have tension in the face, in addition to excessive sweating and closed posture of arms and legs. If we like someone we notice on their part, more dilated pupils, smile in the mouth, relaxed posture …

The body language is strongly linked to our emotional and intuitive part and hence its importance because it lets out unconscious intentions. The great novelty is that science has determined that the other way around also works. That is to say, not only our words condition our gestures; also through our expressions we can put our attitude back on track or predisposition.

Modifying our position, we gain self-confidence

Lifting the arms in a V-shape is a posture of strength. Getty Images

In 2010, scientists Amy Cuddy and Dana Carley They came to a conclusion: if for two minutes we modify our body posture, we will be able to alter the testosterone and cortisol level of our body. Something that undoubtedly it changes our attitude since testosterone is the hormone linked to self-confidence, while cortisol is the hormone that is activated by fear.

Cuddy and Carley studied how our body chemistry changes with two postures: power posture or weakness posture.

There are several positions of power that we all have in mind:

  • Sput your arms up in a 'V' shape and chin raised like an athlete crossing the finish line.
  • Place the arms behind of the head and feet on the table.
  • Put your hands on the table and lean forward.
  • Place the hands on the hips, Take out your chest and open your feet a little.

The position of 'boss', helps us to generate more testosterone. Getty Images

We also have identified weakness postures

Shrink the body
-Close the arms in protection signal
Look down, hold hands …

Enocgerse indicates insecurity and fear. Getty Images

The researchers analyzed what happens when we put ourselves in both positions for two minutes and they discovered that, with the gesture of power, we increase testosterone by 20% Y we reduce cortisol by 25%. So we gain in security and self-confidence, something essential when we face a challenge like talking in public or with the boss.

The postural study asked people with fear to speak before a group of people who they will adopt the gestures of power for two minutes before starting your talk. The conclusions were that They had lowered their anxiety level.

Change our attitude in just 120 seconds

Summing up, in only 120 seconds we are able to change our mood with a simple gesture that can fill us with confidence. Something that could serve us satisfactorily when we face a complicated challenge such as a job interview, the defense of a job in a court, an exam …

So, if you notice that your back is shrunken, try hard and stretch it. If your arms are crossed, separate them. Give yourself two minutes to perform a power posture and let your brain chemistry prepare properly for any challenge.


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