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Although life expectancy is increasing on the planet, it has not yet revealed how to achieve immortality. However, the search for the secret of eternal youth It is something that worries many people, who fear aging and lose their youthful appearance.

Science has something to say over time. While it is true that he has not managed to decipher the magic formula to remain forever young, yes that has identified two habits that accelerate the aging process, and that should be avoided.

According to a study published in the 'Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health'The consumption of alcohol and tobacco can accelerate the signs of aging. The research was conducted from a large database of health information on more than 11,000 people in the Copenhagen City Heart Study.

The consumption of alcohol and tobacco can accelerate the signs of aging. Getty Images

The scientists followed the health data of a group of people from 1976 to 2003: they took into account their eating habits, as well as the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. In addition, medical tests were performed to evaluate the signs of heart disease and aging.

The main author of the study, Janne Tolstrup, detected four specific characteristics of the passing of the years: the formation of a gray opaque ring around the cornea of ​​the eye, plates on the eyelids, baldness male and creases in the lobe of the ear.

What is the relationship between drinking and aging?

Janne Tolstrup found that women who consumed alcohol excessively (more than 28 drinks a week) had a chance 33% higher than having gray rings related to age in comparison with those that took less than seven.

On the other hand, men had a similar increased risk: those who drank a lot had a similar risk than those who drank lightly or moderately, of suffering folds in the lobe of the ear.

Smokers were also more likely to develop this age-related disease, compared to non-smokers.

Women who drink heavily are more likely to have gray rings on their corneas. Getty Images

The only indicator of aging that was not directly associated with drinking and smoking was the male baldness. The author states that "it is not a surprise, since hair loss is quite genetic".

Drink alcohol moderately

While it is true that excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking is related to early onset of signs of aging, the study found that people who did it in a moderate way did not have more signs of old age than those who abstained from these practices.

This conclusion reinforces other theories that claim that alcohol can be beneficial for the heart and reduce some diseases. That is, people should not expect huge benefits in their health from drinking moderately, but at least this habit does not seem to harm it.

The problem lies in fix what is the healthy limit and at what time it is exceeding.


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