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The two favorites to reach the grand finale of 'GH Duo'

Los dos favoritos para llegar a la gran final de ‘GH Dúo’

In just over 24 hours, in the grand finale of Thursday night, it will be known who stands as the winner of this first edition of
Big Brother Duo
. On Wednesday night two of the four finalists will leave the contest staying at the doors of the final. María Jesús Ruíz, Alejandro Albalá, Kiko Rivera or Juan Miguel Martínez. The two least voted by the public will leave the house of Guadalix de la Sierra saying goodbye to the winner and the second classified of the contest, who will share one more night inside the house.

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If the online surveys are taken into account, the big favorites to overcome on Wednesday night would be María Jesús and Kiko, with Alejandro and Juan Miguel eliminated from the final. You have to look carefully at these results because it is well known that the public that votes online is not the same one that sends SMS or calls for their favorite to win.

Who has more numbers to win the victory is María Jesús Ruiz, has been saved on the seven occasions that her companions reality they have nominated her Andújar's 36-year-old has created content like no other contestant during this first edition. First his comings and goings with Julio Ruz, which ended with the disciplinary expulsion of the businessman, and then his more comings and goings with Antonio Tejado. Always naming the Virgin of the Head, this contestant has had confrontations with almost all his companions.

Kiko Rivera has only submitted to the nomination thermometer on two occasions, the last one, in Gala 9, was very close to leaving the house with 44.1% of the votes compared to 55.9% of Raquel, a large Veteran sister During the contest the son of the tonadillera Isabel Pantoja revealed to have suffered a drug addiction from which he would already be fully recovered. He and his wife, Irene Rosales, have been together until almost the end of the coexistence. The couple has given many images of complicity, few of fighting and not one of 'edredoning' in the three months they have been inside the house.

Alejandro Albalá could take away the position of one of these two contestants. The ex of Isa Pantoja, daughter of the singer, and also ex Sofia Suescun has reached the final of the contest having been nominated up to four times. What has most marked Alejandro's contest has been his relationship with Sofía Suescun, and the repechage of this, which did not go well for his image because it was seen by many as a controller.

The online survey published by the official Twitter of GH Duo he gives Juan Miguel a fourth finalist, a contestant who has been accused by collaborators on the set of "furniture" and who have said that his soft character would have been worth to be saved week after week.

This Wednesday two contestants will leave the house of Guadalix

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