January 24, 2021

The TVE news programs release an image and approach the technologies

The News of Spanish Television (TVE) They release a new image next Monday, January 11, with new technologies as protagonists.

As reported by the RTVE Corporation, the novelties reach the set, which will be expanded and will become a window to the outside world, the headboard, the tuning and the entire graphic line and lettering. The technological renovation will also change the narrative of the content.

The Image Director of TVE, Jaime Garrido, explained that this change of image is due to the need to “respond to the demands of the 21st century viewers.” “We incorporate augmented reality, 3D design, a modern narrative, an appropriate graphics, a clean and current scenography, a current light and an R + D + I work space, to the informative content “, he highlighted.

Likewise, Garrido has highlighted that the informative contents “are the base of a public television and as such they must have the necessary relevance “.

The new set of the Telediarios will be an open space. “We have designed an empty box where we find a clean, simple, light and elegant table that presides alone. The rest is a space for the communicator to move freely with the support of the graphic information projected on the screens”, he explained Cesc Calafell, head of the Scenography Unit.

RTVE has pointed out that the new space was born from the concept designed for the special of the electoral night of the last general electionss. “This new TD space seeks to deepen this idea and seeks to offer an enveloping and minimalist universe where the news can be told through a graphic discourse of great visual impact” with the help and application of new technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Windows and high resolution led screens).

The director Fernando Navarrete has detailed that This change is due to an attempt to grow the space of the Newscast. “Do not stay stuck behind a table, but expand the options to get out of it and find better ways to explain content on screen, either with RTVE journalists or with guests,” he stressed.

It also highlights the use of technologies that allow the study to be expanded. “With the use of Virtual Window, our main screen will become a showcase of other real or virtual spaces. A window to the outside world, “he added.

“It is an old idea that we really want to put into practice, with which we will unite the television news set with other real scenarios or not, current or even from the past,” added the TVE director.

The headline and the tune of the news are also adapted from Monday and the labeling model changes, which will be more current and dedicated to informing the viewer. The design will also change, with new colors and pads, its structure and its function.


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