The TSJM confirms the 25 years in prison for the 'tattoo butcher' for killing and dismembering a young woman

The TSJM confirms the 25 years in prison for the 'tattoo butcher' for killing and dismembering a young woman

He Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has confirmed the 25-year prison sentence imposed on Leonardo VJ, the so-called 'tattoo butcher' of Valdemoro, for murdering and dismembering an 18-year-old girl from Valdemoro in October 2019.

This is stated in a ruling, in which the magistrates dismiss the appeals filed against the sentence of the Provincial Court of Madrid who condemned Leonardo.

The Chamber rejects both the appeal formulated by the representation of the convicted person, due to the alleged breach of procedural guarantees. It also rejects the appeal of the private prosecution, which was appealing in its case the acquittal of Celia BM, who was tried in the same procedure for the crime of concealment. She was exonerated by the popular jury that tried the crime.

The 'tattoo butcher' of Valdemoro is sentenced to 25 years for killing and mutilating a young woman

The macabre murder of Emilce occurred on the night of October 15, 2019. It was the accused's ex-girlfriend who alerted the Civil Guard that she had helped him get rid of a body. The young man, 27 years old, lived in a chalet on Francia Street in Valdemoro and he called himself on networks 'The Butcher' (carnicero).

During the trial, Leonardo was impassive and attentive to the story of the witnesses and the young woman's relatives. Between her handcuffed hands, he used to hold a folder on which her nickname could be read. In one session, the young woman's father could not stand the agents' story about the terrifying scenario that they found in the house and rebuked his daughter's murderer.

The 'tattoo butcher' of Valdemoro hides behind his drug addiction and a "traumatic" childhood

The Madrid high court confirms 'in all its aspects' the resolution of Section 17 of the Provincial Court in which it was reflected that during the hearing, which was followed by a Tribunal Popular, It was sufficiently proven that the convicted man, after killing his victim, mutilated her corpse "millimetrically" motivated by "contempt for her condition as a woman."

The original sentence also imposed Leonardo V. supervised release for ten years to be served after the prison sentence was completed, and the compensation to the parents of the deceased in 102,852 euros, and to her sister in 46,248.

This resolution does not yet establish the finality of the sentence of the Provincial Court of Madrid, given that there is still an appeal for cassation before the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court, the one competent in matters of a criminal legal nature.