March 1, 2021

The TSJC endorses the flexible timetable of an agent of the Canary Islands Police to take their children to school – La Provincia

The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) has given the reason to the appeal presented by one of the agents of the Canarian Police Corps and trade union representative of co.bas, after the time flexibility was withdrawn It allowed him to take his children to school.

According to the union's statement in a statement, that right was granted initially, so that He entered at 9.00 and left at 4.30 pm, fulfilling his seven and a half hours stipulated and could, at the same time, reconcile his work and family life on certain days.

But according to the agent, after a meeting with the general director, Nazaret Díaz, in which the union spokesman, in compliance with their work, He expressed the complaints that he could have about the direction of the Corps, that time flexibility it was withdrawn "arguing that it was an invented turn".

Rejected in the first instance

"The management hinted that if it was not presented in writing, only in a spoken way, they would grant it to me ", says the agent, Abraham Catalina, who did not consider that option because it was a right of "all" of the compañeros and compañeras, hence, he resorted to the official document, to which they responded with a negative.

Then, the agent filed a complaint with the courts and in the first instance a ruling was issued in which the right was recognized but he did not agree with it, something that the TSJC has done in its appeal.

"The sentence has been historic in terms of family conciliation and the capricious use that is made of issues that are workers' rights ", Explain.

In addition, it indicates that the TSJC has been "forceful" in stating that, contrary to what the leadership of the Corps wanted to maintain, the police service "can not be detrimental to" the family conciliation and the possible alternatives must be looked for, taking into account the work of the entire staff, but "offer only the change of shift to that of the afternoon as an alternative it is not reconciling but violating a right ".

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