The truth about the return of AuronPlay to the networks

The return of AuronPlay that nobody expected

Auron is a well-known content creator, becoming the top 2 this year on the Twitch platform, where its directs have reached an average of 93.7k viewers. So far, it has 14.7 million followers in said network, but its beginnings were in a completely different one.

Given the trend to perform directmany influencers decided migrate, abandoning the origin of everything. However, after being peppered with criticism from his past, he has lost support from his communityalthough, on the other hand, in its networks it continues to earn millions from new daily subscriptions.

The great controversy that has in suspense the possible return of AuronPlay to twitchis due to some unfortunate comments you performed on a poor missing child. In these, she harassed the family with discouraging words, which has not been liked at all and has caused him to decide to get out of the spotlight for the moment.

It should be noted that his last live show that had been carried out 9 days ago, many predicted that the return of AuronPlay would not be the same, since as he commented, he had planned to make several changes both in its content and in the setup. However, it seems that he has decided to return to play the Squid Craft Games 2but nothing is known about what he has planned in the future, so it only remains to wait what he decides to do from now on.