The Trump government wants to define gender by sex at birth

The Trump government wants to define gender by sex at birth

The administration of US President Donald Trump is considering defining a person's gender by gender at birth, which would revoke protections and recognitions for transsexuals under the federal civil rights law.

The Department of Health and Human Services spearheads the initiative to establish a legal definition for "sex" under Title IX of the civil rights law that prohibits discrimination by gender in education programs that receive federal government funds, in accordance with a memorandum obtained by The New York Times.

The memo also states that the health agency seeks that all government agencies adopt an explicit and uniform definition of gender "with a clear biological basis, based on science, objective and manageable."

The Department of Health proposes that "sex" be defined, both for men and women, as unalterable and determined by the genitals at birth, according to the document obtained by the Times.

A dispute in this regard would have to be clarified by a genetic test, the memo also states.

The NYT recalls that under the last presidency of the Democrat Barack Obama, several decisions were made in which the legal concept of gender was dispensed with for federal programs, including education and health care, recognizing gender to a large extent as an option of the individual and not determined by sex assigned at birth.

The struggle to apply this policy came to the use of public bathrooms, bedrooms and other scenarios where the genre was seen as a simple concept, adds the newspaper.

The proposed new gender definition would eradicate the recognition under federal law of some 1.4 million Americans who have chosen to recognize themselves, either by surgery or otherwise, with another gender from which they were born.

The newspaper also indicates that this decision would be the most significant of a series of maneuvers by this government to exclude this population of civil rights protections and revoke the gender recognition of the Obama administration.

The Trump Executive tried to prohibit transsexuals from enlisting in military service.


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