Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The 'troleo' of the PP to the motto of campaign of the PSOE

El ‘troleo’ del PP al lema de campaña del PSOE ‘haz que pase’

First thing in the morning, the PSOE launched from social networks a striking claim to draw attention to the presentation of the electoral campaign in charge of the President of the Government and candidate, Pedro Sánchez. The ad reproduced images of the poster that hangs from Ferraz with the face of the head of socialist list and the motto 'make it happen', a motto of which the PP It has not taken long to make a mockery through social networks with the adaptation 'make it happen to the opposition' or 'make it happen and do not come back'.

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The slogan is accompanied by a spotlight that focuses on social measures. With this campaign, the PSOE aims to encourage the mobilization and fight against abstention that in the regional elections of Andalusia made Susana Diaz go to the opposition, but the electoral machinery of the PP has come quickly to load and make fun of this initiative.

The first to attack this campaign has been the organization secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, who has reproduced from his Twitter account a video using the same image of Sánchez and the same socialist slogan to ask that "for once in the life, now more than ever, pay attention to Pedro Sanchez and the PSOE ", accompanied by the label 'make it happen and do not come back'.

The video that accompanies the message reproduces the faces of Sánchez that is transformed successively into those of Gabriel Rufián, Quim Torra, Pablo Iglesias, Arnaldo Otegi and Carles Puigdemont. From the official account of the PP, the popular encourage to do "that the nightmare of Pedro Sánchez is passed (...) and not return.

The networks are full of messages from the popular that attack the idea of ​​socialist campaign. Supporters and leaders make their particular adaptation to try to ridicule it.

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