The triumph of energy efficiency

The triumph of energy efficiency


The increase in the costs of electricity during recent years is a growing concern for companies, as energy costs increase to a greater extent than the value of production. With which, the companies that manage to produce at the lowest cost will be the most competitive.

For it, Keril Energy (Energy services company specializing in Real Energy Efficiency) has created its own system for saving in electricity consumption. It should be noted that they are not energy consultants and do not make tariff changes, but rather boost savings in the consumption of electrical energy without that their clients have to vary neither their facilities nor their way of working or producing. All of this, without the studies implying a cost to their clients.

The integration of Keril system it allows to achieve an effective saving in KWh, and to measure and certify monthly the savings produced, and thanks to this they guarantee them by contract. The efficiency and security of the system is such that, if the guaranteed savings are not reached, Keril Energy will pay the customer the difference of the savings not obtained, this allows the Keril System be financed with the own savings that it produces and it generates the client a benefit from the first moment.

This system has a Spanish patent, its calibration has been certified by the Ministry of Industry and, in addition, its effectiveness has been endorsed by the Carlos III University of Madrid and the TÜV Rheinland certifier. In addition, this is a clear advantage for its customers, on the one hand, the guarantee that the Keril System effectively reduces energy consumption and can be measured in a clear way, and on the other hand can be adapted to any financial model, having provided its customers with a positive cash flow since the start-up of the equipment.

Keril Energy offers its customers a unique and specific energy efficiency system for each business. The equipment has been manufactured and adjusted to the characteristics of each case and also the client has real-time access to the operation of the equipment. This is possible thanks to the Energy Management Platform they have developed.

Customers, thanks to the platform, see and feel the savings, monitoring your installation, being able to download historical consumption data, program alarms -for example, so that it notifies when the power consumed exceeds a certain limit or an overvoltage occurs, etc.- and obtains all kinds of information. Thanks to all these factors and to the innovation investment policy, there is currently no competitor that can offer the same savings guarantees offered by Keril. So it is clear that Keril Energy Offers real energy efficiency.


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