Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

The trick to read deleted WhatsApp messages – La Provincia

Two years ago,Whatsappintroduced in its functions a demand of the most requested:the ability to delete a message sent both in a personal chat and in a group. However, even if we delete something that we have written or attached by mistake, the notification'This message was deleted'continues to appear in the conversation, something that multiplies the interest in knowing what the secret content was hiding.

For all those curious who want to scratch and see what's behind the momentary regret, there are different applications that discover the content of that deleted: Wamr, WhatsRemoved +,

The most popular isWAMR, the Android app thatlog all notificationsThey arrive on our smartphone. That is, it records all text messages, photographs, audios and videos that reach our phone throughWhatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

The disadvantages of this free app is thatcontains a lot of publicityAnd you have access to the full memory of our smartphone to be able to control all the notifications that come to us. In other words, the price for knowing what a message saidput our privacy in trayto the application

When a contact of ours deletes a text message fromWhatsapp,WAMR sends us a notification with the content that message had. With photographs, videos or audios it is not so easy, since, by default, we would have to have the automatic download and have downloaded the file before the person in question had deleted it from the chat.

In addition, the application does not work if when at the moment the other person deletes the message we are in the conversation or if we have the group silenced.

How to recover an accidentally deleted conversation?

If what we want is to have a conversation that we have accidentally deleted, we have the opportunity to do so thanks to theWhatsApp optionsprovided that no more than seven days have passed. The application saves conversations every morning, so you have to have the backup enabled. To do this you have to enterSettings / Chatsand select the copy ofapp security.

From there you can manually activate the backup. Just below, inGoogle Drive settingsyou can choose theperiodicityof these copies.

Once we have chosen how often we want to make backup copies,we uninstall Whatsappand we go back todownload itfrom the Play Store. Only then, WhatsApp will ask us if we want to recover the last backup and we will say yes, by clicking on 'Restore'.

In doing so, we will recover all the messages and conversations that we have, even those that we have accidentally deleted, before performing the backup.


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