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In today's society, mobile has become a part of us, a door that opens an infinite virtual world. Nowadays we can have almost all the information generated by the human being in the palm of our hand.The 'smartphone' have greatly facilitated our day to dayand they have radically changed the way we relate.

A large part of society uses its mobile to get information on the news of the day, the time it will take in their city, to communicate with their friends and family and a host of other actions. So much so, that many peoplewhen they run out of battery or can not connect to the internet they feel a certain way unprotected. So, carrying a charger in your backpack or purse is usually an option to be connected at all times.

Despite the tricks of the most cautious, sometimesWe are left without the possibility of connecting to the internet.In some remote places, such as the mountain or on some beaches, the connection does not arrive and the mobiles are unable to open that window to the virtual world. It can also happen in some areas of the city, as in some sections of the metro. But, luckily, if we are proactive and we know how to access internet content when there is no connection, we can get to that page we want. We can also choose this method when we have finished with our data rate. And it is that, just as there tricks to save space in the memory of our 'smartphone', there are also methods to enjoy cloud content offline.

Google Chorme has already thought of a scenario like this and to not run out of internet hasan offline mode with which you can save,When you have a connection, the content you want to access it when there is no coverage.

In this way, although you can not navigate normally,we will be able to access the pages that we previously saved. For example, if before leaving home we see an interesting article, we can save it and read it later, even if we do not have an Internet connection.

To perform this little trick with which we can access internet content from anywhere we must open Google Chrome on an Android device and access the page we want to save. Once inside the page we press the three points that appear on the top right and that open a menu of options andclick on the download button(an arrow with a line pointing down). Once downloaded, a warning will appear in which you notice that the download has already been made.

When we do not have a connection, we can access the file that has been downloaded to our mobile phone. We can also reach this page through the browser, although it will notify us that there is no connection. We will see a section in which the phrase is observed:"Content without connection". Clicking on it, we can access the pages that we have downloaded previously. It is also possible to access this section by clicking on the three points at the top right. Once we have pressed it, the word will appear"downloads", in which we can click to access that content that we saved when we did have a connection.

But nevertheless,we could not click on the linksthat appear in the page that we already have downloaded, since the sites to which the hyperlinks carry will not have downloaded.

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