Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

The trick to fall asleep in a minute – The Province

To fall asleep It can become a complicated task for many people. If you find it hard to fall asleep, surely you have tried all kinds of tricks and techniques to achieve your goal. Many times we think that being very tired at the time of getting into bed will help us sleep, but sometimes it is the opposite. We start to go around and around and see how the hours go by, thus reducing our time break and despairing more and more.


At the time of falling asleep there is a series of rEcomendations that will help us fall asleep. Is about healthy habits such as making light dinners and not eating heavy foods two hours before going to bed. In addition, it is recommended Performing physical exercise throughout the day so that later the rest is more pleasant.

Despite all these recommendations, there are people who still find it hard to fall asleep. Therefore, the following trick with which the doctor Adrew Weil It proved that it is possible to fall asleep in only 60 seconds will be the most interesting. The one known as'technique 4-7-8'is based on three simple steps.

Technique 4-7-8

The fundamental thing of this technique to fall asleep in 1 minute is get the body to relax.

The first thing you have to do is lie down and inhale air through your nose. Next, count to 4 and hold with the air inside the nose for 7 more seconds. Finally, let the air out strongly for 8 seconds.

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