The trick of WhatsApp to know if someone has your number without you knowing - La Provincia

WhatsAppIt has become the main communication channel for Spaniards and also for much of the planet. From our mobile phone, the Facebook application allows us to exchange messages with family, friends or colleagues, share videos, photos, make calls and video calls €

But thanks to the profile photos, the information we can add or the statuses,WhatsAppIt has also adopted the characteristics of a social network.In addition to knowing what others are doing, the app allows you to manage the digital relationship with our contacts.

Therefore, as with other social networks, we like to know who keeps our phone number as a contact and who does not: old friends, former coworkers, ex-partners, family members, etc.WhatsAppIt does not offer this data, but there is a trick that will allow us to know it.

The key is the diffusion list tool.The steps are simple:

  • we createa new broadcast list.
  • We send a messageanyone through this list.
  • We wait for the recipients to read the message. Then, click on the message and in the option 'Info'. There,WhatsApp will show us the phones of those who have received and read the message, also in the case of people who have our WhatsApp number as a contact even if they are not included among those we keep in our agenda.

If we have reached this point,it may be because we don't want that person to see our dataof the profile or other information. To solve this privacy problem, we can choose two ways.

One is to choose in 'Privacy' the most restrictive options, that is, select 'Only my contacts'o 'Nobody'in the options for' Last time ',' Profile picture ',' Info 'or' Status'.

But sometimes it may happen that we do not have problems in showing all or part of that information to third parties, but to some in particular. In that case, the best will beblock that person in the application. If it is not on our agenda, it should be added to later formalize that block by opening a chat and clicking on the buttons at the top until you find the option 'To block'.


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