The trick of WhatsApp to know if a stranger has your phone – The Province

The trick of WhatsApp to know if a stranger has your phone - The Province

It is becoming more and more common to ask for someone's phone number as soon as they meet. Applications likeFacebook, InstagramorWhatsapp they have lost part of thatmodesty or privacythat was more usual before.

But the problem comes when someone you do not know adds your phone to your contact list without your permission and without you noticing.

A simple WhatsApp trick, which works on both iOS and Android, will let you knowif a stranger has your phone number.For that reason, if you want to avoid unexpected messages in the future or out of simple curiosity, follow these steps.

Create a broadcast channel

With the diffusion channels ofWhatsappyou can get the same message to several of your contacts. Therefore, to discover if a stranger has your phone number, start by creatinga broadcast channelWith all your contacts, you can also include the groups.

When you create this list you will already get a message indicating that "only contacts with your number in your contact list will receive your broadcast messages".

Have to wait

After creating the broadcast list, send a test message and wait. You have to wait a reasonable amount of time until you consider that all contacts have read that message.

Wait until all your contacts have read the message. Getty Images

Access message information

Once the time that you think is convenient has passed, you must go to the message information keeping it pressed for a while and accessing its properties. On this screenYou will see who has read your message,what time and what contacts have not seen it yet.

If in this window you see a number that you have not saved or do not know, it means that this stranger has yourWhatsapp.

Configure WhatsApp to be as invisible as possible

Prevent strangers (or your own contacts) from seeing the time of your last connection or your WhatsApp photoIt is very simple. To do this you just have to access'Settings'(or 'Configuration' in the case of iOS)> 'Account'> 'Privacy'.

On this screen you will see several points,'Hour of last. Vez ',' Profile picture ',' Info 'or' States'. In each of them you can choose who you want to see that information: Everyone (including strangers who have your WhatsApp), only your contacts or anyone.

In the case of the states ofWhatsappYou can choose to share them with all your contacts, with only those you choose or send them to all except the exceptions you want.


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