The tribute to Loreto IV picks up cruising speed with ticket sales

Mamadou Cámara and Eusebio Ledesma will be in the fight. / PETER KINGS

There are points enabled in all the islands for the appointment scheduled for the 24th of this month in Vecindario. Many have already been purchased

PETER KINGS The Gran Canarian palms

The tribute that the vernacular sport will pay to the already mythical prop Antonio González,
Loretto IV,
on the 24th of this month in Neighborhood and that, in addition, its collection will go entirely to the Little Brave Association that cares for children with cancer, already starting with ticket sales and going at a good pace in the first days.

In the same
Several of the bregadores who give the most spectacle in the Canary Islands will participatesuch as Eusebio Ledesma, Mamadou Cámara, Alejandro Afonso or Marcos Ledesma, who, together with his teammates, guarantees a good fight that will serve to recognize the merits of the Gran Canaria mainstay in his time as a fighter and what he did for this sport.

points of sale in Gran Canaria they are: Insular Federation, Las Huertas hardware store, in Santa María de Guía; El Sobrino Cafeteria Bar, in Telde; Churrería Paco Luis, in Ingenio; La Fuente Pizzeria Bar, also in Ingenio; Antonio Guedes hardware store, in Cruce de Arinaga; Imprenta la Zafra, also from Cruce de Arinaga; Cafeteria at the entrance to the Castillo del Romeral and the Unión Sardina.

In La Palma they can be purchased at the gas station in Los Llanos de Aridane. In Fuerteventura, at the Club Saladar de Jandía with its president, at the Antigua gym, with Jonay Matoso. In Tenerife, at the Arafo Repsol Station and at the Bonanza Cafeteria in La Esperanza. Finally, in Lanzarote the Club Tías and its president Nando Marrero.

The names are a surprise for the honoree

The organization hopes that different companies will join the fight and it is intended that other historical and illustrious fighters come from different islands and be present in it, but
the names are a surprise for the honoree and for sure the fans will applaud when they see several of the greats in a short space.

On the other hand, the third category in Gran Canaria will now officially have seven teams, four of which, as of today, do not have outstanding C, such as Los Guanches, Vecinos Unidos, Unión Sardina and Tinamar. The Adargoma has one, Alberto
loretto and the great favorite, El Almogarén Queso Flor Valsequillo with two, Airam Gordillo and Yeray Hernández.

A team was missing to officially decide where he would compete and that was the Doctoral Union, which will definitively do so in the Third Division, although for this new course it will already have at least two outstanding Cs in its ranks, such as Jonay Placeres and Jonathan Morales, although the latter is pending that they requalify him or not free for his years of not fighting.

Its president, Manuel Suárez, confirmed the transfers to CANARIAS7.
"This year we don't want to be just another group.we seek to be at the top and at least be able to compete, “he said.

Knowing the tremendous potential of Almogarén, he trusts his own. «What we want is to be at the top, without thinking about any team and what is done on the pitch will put everyone in their place.
I think we can make a good team and a good campaign and I do not even rule out that we can acquire a third outstanding C”, he valued.

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