April 20, 2021

The trial for the Bankia IPO takes up again with the declaration of Norniella – La Provincia

The trial for the Bankia IPO takes up again with the declaration of Norniella - La Provincia

The trial forBankia's IPOin July 2011, held at the National Court of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) resumed on Monday with the questioning of the chief anti-corruption prosecutor, Alejandro Luzón, the former Bankia counselor and former Secretary of State for Finance,José Manuel Fernández Norniella, according to legal sources consulted by Europa Press.

It was foreseen that the prosecutor in charge of the case,Carmen Launa, rejoined this Monday to the sessions after his discharge for health reasons, but finally it will be Luzón who continues with the interrogation. Launa began the interrogation to the former president of the entity,Rodrigo Rato, but the trial was suspended on January 9 after learning of his unwillingness to continue with the interrogation.

On February 4, the session resumed and the chief prosecutor of Anticorruption took over, who concluded with the questioning by the Prosecutor's Office at Rato.

After doing the same the Fund of Orderly Banking Restructuring (Frob) and the lawyer of the accused,Ignacio Ayala,Luzón requested a new adjournment of the process, which was granted after committing to the trial resumed on Monday, February 18, when it was expected that Launa was already ready to attend the case, although finally he will be the one who will come to the next signs.

In this way, from today the sessions will be resumed from Monday to Wednesday each week, starting at 10.00 and expected in the morning and afternoon.

The order in which the defendants will give a statement will be, predictably, the following: Norniella will begin his appearance today, followed by the former delegate delegateFrancisco Verdú Ponsand the former vice president of BankiaJosé Luis Olivas. It is about the three people who, together with Rato, accuses the Office of the Prosecutor.


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