The trial against exprofesor for sexual abuse in a school begins Madrid

The trial against exprofesor for sexual abuse in a school begins Madrid

The Provincial Court today begins the trial against the former teacher of the Maravillas de Madrid School Pedro Antonio RL, accused of sexually abusing fourteen children between 2013 and 2016 and four other major, in addition to developing child pornography, who faces 155 years in prison .

The oral hearing against the former coordinator of Primary Education at La Salle School Our Lady of Maravillas de Madrid will continue until next November 12 in morning sessions.

Legal sources consulted by Efe do not know if the oral hearing will be held behind closed doors, as is happening with the latest trials on sexual abuse with minors involved.

In the indictment, to which Efe has had access, the Prosecutor's Office accuses him of fourteen crimes of sexual abuse of minors, four of sexual abuse of the elderly, seven of the elaboration of child pornography and other three continued, plus two crimes of discovery of secrets (art. 197.1 and 5) and six others (only art. 197.1), for which he requests 155 years in prison.

But it states that the maximum effective compliance can not exceed 20 years, which should be deducted from the time the defendant has been in custody, since September 29, 2016.

According to the prosecutor's account, between July 7, 2013 and August 28, 2016, the accused, "with a libidinous spirit and with the objective of satisfying his sexual desires," elaborated child pornography from images he took of minors, mainly, while they slept, to those who also made touching.

The defendant used mobile phones, hidden cameras, spy clocks and other devices to take his images and his knowledge acquired about melatonin and the different phases of sleep, to the point that in the records the researchers found Internet searches that they said "how to touch someone while asleep" or "phase of the dream in which we do not feel anything".

They also found 55 melatonin capsules and a large number of files with the images prepared by the ex-teacher, who used to act during summer camps, in outings organized by the school in which they had to spend the night, in some trips to India and, even, inside the bathroom of his stay at the Maravillas school where he installed a hidden camera.


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