The trial against Errejón is postponed after the Prosecutor's Office has asked to replace the judge for having instructed the case

The trial against Iñigo Errejón will have to wait. The magistrate who was going to judge the case has accepted the request of the Prosecutor's Office and the defense to depart from it and submit to the Provincial Court if she should be the one to hold the trial for having carried out the investigation of the case. "To prevent an annulment from being decreed, there is no shadow of a doubt about impartiality, the case will be raised again to the Provincial Court in order to decide whether this judge holds the trial or its substitute," he said. the magistrate

The judge sends Íñigo Errejón to a speedy trial for the alleged kick to a man

The judge sends Íñigo Errejón to a speedy trial for the alleged kick to a man

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The trial, therefore, is delayed until the Madrid Court decides if she can judge the case or if her "legal substitute" should do so, as the judge has said.

At the beginning of the session, the prosecutor recalled that the magistrate should be challenged for having participated in the investigation of the case. The reason, she has explained, is "to have participated in the investigation of the criminal case (...) all these actions are considered to be proper to the investigation, it is not a mere notification or procedural procedure but a true investigation". For the Prosecutor's Office, the magistrate launched proceedings, for example, aimed at obtaining images from security cameras. "The principle of objective impartiality is totally violated," the Prosecutor's Office has settled.

The accusation, representing the man who claims to have received a kick from Errejón in Lavapiés on May 2, 2021, has positioned himself against that challenge. Errejón's defense has recalled that during the process they have never challenged the magistrate although in "two lines" in one of her writings they raised the possibility that she decided to distance herself from her, although she has supported the arguments of the Prosecutor's Office.

Before accessing the courts of the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid, the leader of Más País has appeared before the media: "Eager to be able to clarify it, it has been an unpleasant nonsense", said Errejón without clarifying what he was going to declare later in the room before Judge Margarita Valcarce. Asking about the possibility of having to assume political responsibilities in case of being convicted, the deputy has assured that it is a scenario that he does not contemplate.

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