June 23, 2021

The trial against El Chicle begins with the attempted abduction that led to the case of Diana Quer | Society

The trial against El Chicle begins with the attempted abduction that led to the case of Diana Quer | Society

José Enrique Abuín Gey, 'El Chicle', this Wednesday at the Audiencia in Santiago.

The author confessed of the death of Diana Quer, José Enrique Abuín Gey, known as The gum, sits from this Wednesday on the bench accused of the attempted abduction and sexual assault of a young woman in Boiro, events that occurred in December 2017 and led to the resolution of the disappearance of the young Madrid. In a climate of expectation, Abuín, previously convicted of drug crimes, Appears before the Provincial Court of A Coruña, based in Santiago. The prosecutor asks for 15 years and 10 months in prison for these events.

The defendant has reached the courts of Santiago at about nine thirty in the morning, where he has been transferred from the prison of Teixeiro (A Coruña), where he has been for a few days to facilitate the operation, since it is Inmate in the Mansilla de las Mulas prison (León). A few minutes earlier, Diana Quer's father, Juan Carlos, had arrived to assist the process to support the mother of Boiro's victim. Upon entering, she has said that her daughter is "affected". "What we expect right now is justice," he added.

The case that is judged from this Wednesday goes back to the Christmas day of 2017 when, according to the writing of the Office of the Prosecutor, Abuín saw the victim from his vehicle while walking in the street Bao de Boiro, at 22.25 hours, and he approached her in a place where "the lighting was very scarce" and "there were no pedestrians", taking advantage of the fact that she was absorbed in a conversation on WhatsApp. After "pouncing" on her, and with the intention of "attacking her sexually," the letter continued, El Chicle grabbed her by the neck and threatened her with a sharp object, asking her to hand over the cell phone.

However, when he saw a vehicle arriving, the defendant tried to "confuse" the victim by telling him that "everything had been a joke" and then try to forcefully put her in the trunk of his vehicle. The struggle and screams of the young woman, who managed to get out of the trunk where Abuín had put her, alerted two passers-by, who came to her aid, which precipitated the escape of the accused. However, the description of the victim and the witnesses led to their rapid identification and arrest.

Suspect in the case of Diana Quer

Abuin had been considered one of the main suspects of the disappearance of Diana Quer, happened more than a year before in the neighboring town of A Pobra do Caramiñal. The investigators linked both cases, something that precipitated the resolution of the disappearance of the young woman from Madrid. Days after his arrest, The Chicle confessed to have been responsible for the death of Quer and led the investigators to an abandoned ship in the parish of Asados, in Rianxo, where the body of the young woman was located in a well after 500 days submerged. The court ordered provisional detention for Abuín on January 1, 2018 and, since then, he has remained in jail pending response in both cases.

In the trial that starts on Wednesday, Abuin is accused of a crime of illegal detention or, alternatively, a consummated crime of coercion, as well as an attempted sexual assault, a robbery with violence and attempted intimidation, a crime of threats and another of injuries. The Prosecutor's Office requests that he be sentenced to 15 years and 10 months in prison and to pay compensation of 15,750 euros, or alternatively, 12 years and 10 months.

The researchers established from the beginning a link in the modus operandi of El Chicle between this case and the disappearance of Quer, so it will have influence in the other process what is determined in this about his personality. The beginning of the trial comes days after the judge instructor of Ribeira Felix Isaac Alonso definitively conclude the instruction of the Diana Quer case, ordering the opening of oral trial and transferring the documentation to the Provincial Court of A Coruña, which must now set a date.

As a result of the start of this trial, the magistrates of the Audiencia of A Coruña have issued measures to protect privacy for the victim, which can not be recorded or photographed at his appearance or upon his arrival at the courts. Neither will be able to publish data that facilitate their identification. In addition, the young woman's statement will be produced behind a screen to avoid eye contact with the accused.


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